My artist name LoopUdu comes from the Latin Lupus, which means Wolf (like - you might have guessed it - in Wolfgang). One of the things I use in my music are Loops, so the lupus became Loopus. Additionally I love Udu- (clay) drums, thus it became LoopUdu.

In "real life" my name is Wolfgang Steuerle. Born in Heidelberg / Germany, I finally moved to Kuala Lumpur/Malaysia in 2014 (actually on the last day of 2013).

Here I'm going to show the stuff and methods I use for making samples and music. Some devices I bought, some I build myself - DIY covers a major portion of this site. Also I will introduce you to my my (mostly percussion-) instruments.

Allow me to share a bit of my background:

As a child I had piano lessons for some years. According to my teacher I was talented,but a bit too lazy. In 1968 something happened that influenced my life deeply. One of my friends connected two old tuberadios in a way that made them create incredible sounds. These tuberadios had a build in amplifier for discplayers and tapemachines. What he did is to connect the input of one of these with the output of the other one. So there were still one in- and output vacant, which he also connected using his model-railway transformer. Luckily nothing explodet, but incedible sounds came out of the speakers. Ufos, bees and helicopters were flying and some never heard sounds came out. The slightest move on any knob and the whole thing changed - totally unpredictable. I was hooked! My love for electronic sounds was born and has since never left me.

Feel free to contact me on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.